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Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party

Council “Vandalism” Condemned

North Lanarkshire Council have been accused of an act of “vandalism” in announcing that they wish to close Eastfield Library.

Local Scottish Socialist Party members are claiming that these decisions highlight how council cuts are again eroding key services and severely impacting on the lives of communities across the town.

Party member Willie O’Neill commented, “Closing a library is no more than an act of cultural vandalism. Libraries can be a focus for communities allowing access not only to books but a host of other services like internet access which not everyone can afford to have in their home. When libraries are closed the communities affected are diminished and it could have a longer term impact on literacy amongst children whilst denying access to the pleasure that can come from a good book.”

The party believes that this proposal highlights how deeply council cuts are now biting into key community services.

Mr O’Neill added, “When you have key services like schools and now libraries threatened with closure this highlights just how council cuts are now seriously eroding the council’s ability to deliver on the services it is charged with looking after. These cuts are being driven by the Westminster Government but surely our local authority should now be making a stand in defence of services rather than just cutting them.  The council must look again at this decision and step back from the loss of a service that will be extremely hard to replace.”

For more information: Kevin McVey 07817 123917.


Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party

Post Office Privatisation Condemned

Local Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) members have added their voices to the growing chorus of opposition to the privatisation of Royal Mail.

Warning that the consequences of privatisation will be disastrous, the party is calling for a massive campaign against a measure they describe as being driven by the ConDem government once again dancing to the tune of big business regardless of the consequences to such an important service.

Party spokesperson Kevin McVey commented  “once again it will be the majority who rely on the service provided by Royal Mail who lose out as the interests of a minority is pandered to by a government that is only interested in lining the pockets of their big business friends.  The Westminster Parliament is again exposed as being the protector of profits before people and a service that we take for granted and benefit from is about to go down the road where priorities are being dictated by shareholders interests rather than the needs of communities across the country.”

The party has pledged to support Royal Mail workers in any action they decide to take to protect their terms and conditions and is calling on the privatisation to be reversed.

Mr McVey added, “Royal Mail workers have begun to ballot to take action in defence of their terms and conditions. They should be supported by anyone interested in defending our postal services and their action should be a catalyst for a massive campaign to defeat the government’s plans. Our elected politicians should offer their support to prevent this privatisation or failing that give a clear commitment to renationalise Royal Mail and in so doing scare the privateers off who only have an eye on their balance sheets without a thought about providing a universal postal service.”

For more information: Kevin McVey 07817 123917