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Reasons for Yes

One of our fellow Yes Cumbernauld activists gives us his articulate reasons for his Yes vote in the referendum.


“Rarely do we get to take a decision on such an important proposition. The upcoming referendum in just over one weeks time gives us the chance to have our voices heard in the biggest decision within my lifetime.

Over the last 2 years everyone has heard the ”best of both worlds”, ”UK-OK, ”strength, stability and security”, ”jobs and opportunities as part of the UK”, ”whats plan B” and ”the deep uncertainties” sloganeering.[1] It is predictable. What you don’t hear a lot, and what Alistair Darling couldn’t bring himself to say in the recent televised debate, is that ”It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another such successful, independent country” (David Cameron, The Telegraph 11th April 2007).[2] Its worth bearing in mind. The implicit guarantee is that if you vote ‘Yes’, the powers to change Scotland will be held in Edinburgh. Not 600 miles away.

As a non SNP member, I am wary of the UK parties promising more powers.[3] Ask yourself this, if Better Together are serious about more powers for Scotland why not give us them before the referendum? Why is devo max not on the ballot?[4] (the 1997 referendum was multi option[5]) Why trust those who have spent years preventing us from having this discussion in the first place.[6]

The reason I am voting ‘Yes’ isn’t because I believe we are better than anyone else, but because I want a fairer society. In my view, this is an independent Scotland that makes decisions over the most important aspects of our lives, such as social security and defence. I know who I trust to be the more progressive parliament. For instance, unelected Lord Lipsey stated ”it is not affordable”[7] in relation to free personal care in the early 2000’s. Meanwhile, the Scottish Parliament went in a different direction. We introduced it. But its not far enough, with all the powers of independence we can go further. We can provide more sheltered homes for the elderly, we can expand the quality of care for our vulnerable and most of all, we can and must prioritise ending fuel poverty, estimated to have killed well over 2000 over 65’s on a yearly basis in Scotland.[8] Thats 2000 over 65’s. Not scroungers, but the most vulnerable in our society. Its unworthy of a 21st Century country. Control of tax and revenues would allow an estimated £12 Billion uncollected tax in Scotland to be gathered.[9]]

We can build a renewable energy industry which provides Scotland and Europe with the cleanest forms of energy such as wind and tidal, estimated to be at least 25% Europe’s wind, 10 % of its tidal energy.[10] We have massive potential in Scotland to lead the world in tackling climate change and providing clean affordable energy, not just for Scotland, but for those in the rUK and Europe. In my opinion, the prospect of having continued fracking and nuclear waste dumped in Scotland for decades to come, as part of the UK, is not appealing.[11]

For me, I want to associate Scotland with free education, a world-class health service, a court system based on fairness and a society where everyone gets a fair shot at gaining employment. Or, we can continue down the British path of austerity, cuts to public sector jobs, hammering public sector incomes and economic inactivity (Alcock et al 2003 estimates economic inactivity has doubled since 1979)

My intention is to vote Yes to independence. No thanks to  fuel poverty, unaccountable governments and tactical voting.

I implore you to vote for what you think is right.

R Madden, 23

Yes voter.

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September 2014 Cumbernauld SSP Newsletter

The Final Push


It’s very much game on for September 18th. Momentum has switched dramatically in favour of the Yes campaign as the No campaign is reduced to petty smears and panicked promises for “more powers” that they cannot even specify before the vote.

The SSP at a local and national level is at the heart of the Yes campaign and it is critical that we stay on full throttle for the remainder of the campaign as the Westminster establishment, its media friends and big business backers attempt to throw every possible scare story to frighten us into staying with the increasingly tired and reactionary United Kingdom.

Due to the referendum campaign we have cancelled our branch meeting on September 11th to allow us to continue convincing people to vote Yes. Look at the Yes Cumbernauld site on Facebook and Twitter or on our local SSP sites for a timetable of the daily campaigning taking place between now and the 18th.

Where Now For Scotland?


The prospects for the SSP in the event of a Yes vote or even how we continue the struggle if it’s a no will be the focus of our meeting on the 25th September at 19:30 in the Link Centre, Cumbernauld.

This will be part of a discussion across our party before our Annual Conference which will take place in Edinburgh on October 25th. This will be a key event to consider how the left can help shape a newly independent Scotland and build support for a socialist republic as we leave the Union behind us.