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October 2014 Cumbernauld SSP Newsletter


Independence Deferred?

Many will have been crushed at the No vote in the Referendum. Equally no one could fail to be inspired by the national movement that marked the beginning of the end for the imperial state of the United Kingdom.

Now we have to ensure that the energy unleashed by the Yes campaign is maintained and the campaign for a fairer Scotland continues. We can’t afford not to!


Welcome to the SSP!

Across the country the energy of the Referendum campaign has seen tens of thousands seek to become involved in the pro-independence political parties. The SSP has received an unprecedented number of requests to join right across Scotland, including in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth. We want to welcome every single person into our party because we want to take our message of an independent, socialist Scotland to every part of Scotland.

For that reason both our branch meeting this month are open meetings where anyone interested in finding out more about what the SSP is about can come along. Come along and become involved in building a movement that can help create a new Scotland.

The meetings are on Thursday 9th and 23rd October, in The Link Community Centre at 7.30pm. If you need transport contact us on

Annual Conference

Another not to be missed event is our Annual Conference on Saturday 25th October in Edinburgh. With debates on where the party goes from here, how we can move the independence campaign forward and guest speakers it will be well worth a visit. Find out more at our meetings or contact us: