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Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party

Pay The Living Wage

The Scottish Socialist Party is calling for a living wage to tackle what it claims is “endemic” low pay across the country and will make the case for it at a public meeting in Cumbernauld this week.

Local SSP member and Trade Union activist John Miller commented, “The devastating increase in poverty amongst those in work is testimony to the damage that low pay is doing to millions across the country. Recent figures have highlighted that real wage levels have been falling behind the cost of living for the longest sustained period for 50 years. These cold statistics however, do not even begin to tell the countless stories of hardship and difficulty that people face in making ends meet. It makes talk of economic recovery sound hollow when it is being built on the back of poverty pay and zero hour contracts. A proper living wage would be a step in the right direction in tackling Scotland’s endemic low pay.”

The party is calling for the minimum wage to be immediately raised to £10 an hour and apply to everyone aged 16 and over.

Mr Miller, who will address the meeting, commented, “£10 an hour is two thirds of median earnings and is a figure that would allow people to at least provide for the necessities for themselves and their family. The current minimum wage is completely inadequate and discriminates against young people who receive less. Our campaigning for this measure has highlighted how popular it is and could be one of the biggest steps taken to reverse the disgraceful increase in poverty which has continued to increase with every passing year. This meeting is part of our campaign for a living wage and we hope people come along to debate the issue and become involved in the campaign to have it introduced.”

The meeting takes place on Thursday 27th November in The Link Centre in Cumbernauld at 7.30pm.

For more information: Kevin McVey 07817 123917.


Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party

Independence Alliance” Call From Socialists

Local Scottish Socialist Party members are calling for pro-independence parties and supporters to consider the possibility of an “Independence Alliance” to contest the 2015 General Election.

Local party member Kevin McVey commented, “The last two years have witnessed the birth of an independence moment that has embraced various political parties and countless more who have never been involved in campaigning before. This energy and engagement was unprecedented and the subsequent growth in the membership of Scotland’s pro-independence parties shows the enormous appetite for continuing to build for independence and to hold the Unionist parties to their pre-referendum promises of more powers. This political pressure could be maintained by considering standing single candidates on an alliance ticket.”

The party believes this measure could heap further pressure on Labour and its support for the Union and the Westminster parties’ austerity programme.

Mr McVey added, “The referendum results shows that Labour’s stranglehold on working class Scotland is beginning to break. By offering voters the alternative of an independence alliance this could help maximise the number of MP’s who would support full powers for the Scottish Parliament and challenge the austerity cuts already accepted by Labour and the Tories. We will continue to campaign for our vision of an independent, socialist Scotland but appreciate that there is a real demand for the hopes of the 1.6million Yes voters and others to be represented on the ballot paper in 2015 and the idea of the independence alliance is one that we feel should be considered.”

Local SSP members will be writing to local representatives of the other pro-independence parties to invite them to discuss this proposal further.

For more information: Kevin McVey 07817 123917.

November 2014 Cumbernauld SSP Newsletter


Where Now For Scotland ?

The SSP held its successful conference at the end of last month where we took stock of one of the most momentous years in the party’s history. Deluged with new members, the party is now trying to develop our party structures to accommodate the growth we have enjoyed since September 18th.

We also attempted to weigh up how the party should evolve in the rapidly changing Scottish political landscape. With the Unionist parties in meltdown and electoral challenges in 2015 and 2016, the focus for our debates were on how we can help maintain the momentum of the Yes campaign and keep the pressure up for the kind of change that millions were looking for through the referendum campaign.  This debate will be the focus of our meeting on Thursday 13th November in the Link Community Centre (opposite Tryst Sports Centre) in Cumbernauld at 7.30pm.


Living Wage

Poverty pay is rife in Britain. Alongside short term and zero hour contracts it creates the situation that the biggest growth in poverty is seen in those who are in work, whose wage is so paltry that it is not enough to keep body and soul together and provide for their families.

The current minimum wage falls far short of what is needed and discriminates against the young who are paid less. It makes a mockery of the Tories claim that the economy is growing and unemployment is falling as the majority of jobs are short term and low paid. It’s for this reason that the SSP is making our campaign for a £10 an hour living wage central to our work over the next few months. The fight against poverty pay and the case for a living wage will therefore be the subject under discussion at our meeting on Thursday 27th November, again in The Link at 7.30pm.