Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party

Socialists Slam Undemocratic Poster Ban


Local members of the Scottish Socialist Party have slammed the decision of North Lanarkshire Council to ban the use of lamp post posters during election campaigns as being undemocratic.

Cumbernauld & Kilsyth branch member Craig Skinner commented “less than two months after a flowering of democracy in Scotland during our referendum it is unfortunate, to say the least, that North Lanarkshire’s Labour Councillors have decided to shut off one form of democratic expression by banning the use of lamp post posters during elections.  Surely we should be striving to maintain the democratic engagement seen in the referendum and surely anything that maintains the visibility of those campaigning in elections has to be a good thing. The previous rules were clear and were largely respected so questions have to be asked about the motives for this decision.”

The party believes that the decision reflects the fear of the Labour Party about their declining influence, even in their heartland areas.

Mr Skinner added, “Is it an accident that this decision is made soon after the majority of voters in North Lanarkshire rejected the Labour Party’s advice by voting Yes in the referendum? Is it somehow coincidental that it was commented on by many that the Yes campaign was much more high profile and visible in this area, including in the number of lamp post posters seen across North Lanarkshire? It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that it is a move that aims to do no more than close down democratic expression and make politics less about street campaigning and more about media influence and money. The Council should think again and rescind this regressive decision.”

End of release.

For more information: Kevin McVey 07817 123917.


3 thoughts on “Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party

  1. scotsgeoff

    Reliance on newspapers and television is the way the rich manipulate the poor with lies and misinformation.

    During indyref I was told by a ‘council bloke’ in Fife that only one each of Yes & No posters were allowed in order to be fair. My reply: Shame that same ‘balance’ and ‘fairness’ didn’t apply to the BBC and newspapers!

    As we saw during indyref Labour (and Better Together/No Thanks) spent an inordinate amount of time avoiding and/or closing down debate so no surprise here really. Disgusting all the same.

  2. bill

    How many times have towns in the superbly run North Lanarkshire won the title of (PLOOK ON THE PLINTH) ie the ugliest town in Scotland. They couldn’t run a bath.


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