February 2015 Cumbernauld SSP Newsletter


Democracy v Austerity?

Someone once commented that a spectre is haunting Europe and for free market Europe that spectre may have just risen from the grave they thought it was in and is returning to spook them.

That spectre was the socialism of Karl Marx and the election in Greece has again resurrected the fear of Europe’s ruling class that their austerity agenda is going to be challenged and that challenge can take the form of progressive politics rather than the despair of the extreme right.

Karl Marx is not leading the government in Greece but for the first time in a while a government has been elected that is explicitly saying that the free market consensus of austerity politics will not be accepted. Time will tell how events pan out, but how socialists in Scotland can not only support the new SYRIZA government, but take the opportunity to build a similar movement against austerity will be the focus of our meeting on Thursday 12th February in The Link Community Centre, Cumbernauld at 7.30pm.



Any Further To Fall?

Austerity Britain has brought poverty to unprecedented levels. Food banks, slashing of benefits, poverty pay and zero hour contracts are just some of the ways in which millions have been impoverished to such an extent that every week is a struggle to feed the kids and heat the home.

Measures like a £10 an hour living wage and the ending of zero hour contracts are some of the ways that poverty can be tackled. Another idea that has come to the fore is the idea of a “Citizen’s Income” that would guarantee that no one was forced below a certain level of income at any time. In a discussion postponed from last month we will focus on this issue on Thursday 26th February in The Link at 7.30pm.



For more information contact Kevin McVey on 07817 123917.


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