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Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party

A Young Person’s Game ??


One of the youngest candidates in May’s General Election will be the guest speaker at a meeting in Cumbernauld next week.

Liam Mclaughlan is the Scottish Socialist Party’s candidate in the Glasgow East constituency and, at only 18, will be one of the youngest of the candidates looking for votes in the election.

Local SSP member Craig Skinner commented, “We are only standing in a very limited number of seats in the General Election, as we are much more focused on the 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections. Local members will be assisting Liam’s campaign in Glasgow East and we are delighted that he is coming out to outline our campaigning priorities which will focus on tackling the grotesque inequality that exists in Britain through measures like a £10 an hour living wage and ending zero hour contracts.”

The party also believes that Liam is an example of how young people have flooded into politics after the Independence Referendum and they are determined to clear out the corruption and stale ideas of the mainstream parties in Scotland.

Craig added, “One of the most inspiring elements of last year’s referendum was how young people engaged in the debate and became politically involved. It is no accident that many of them, like Liam, have come to the fresh thinking and radicalism of the Scottish Socialist Party. Not only is Liam one of the youngest candidates, he is also one of the few who is committed to only taking the average wage of a worker and not the fat cat salary of an MP. The tired and stale ideas of austerity politics will not be accepted by a generation who are being priced out of education, struggling to find homes and paid poverty wages. I hope people come along to hear what Liam has to stay.”

The meeting is in The Link, Cumbernauld at 7.30pm on Thursday 26th March

For more information contact: Kevin McVey 07817 123917.


March 2015 Cumbernauld SSP Newsletter


Beating the Bigots

One of the most disquieting developments of politics in Britain over the last few years has been the rise of UKIP. At times appearing to be sponsored by the mainstream media this bunch of bigots are looking to take us back to their version of a mythical, all white, little England of Empire and isolationism.

Sadly they are setting the agenda for the other mainstream parties who seem only too happy to adopt some of their poisonous rhetoric and policies on the issue of immigration.
The SSP has produced a pamphlet that outlines our socialist view on how to tackle the rise of UKIP and challenge the myths about immigration perpetuated by the media and an increasingly desperate ruling class looking to blame anyone to distract from the problems stemming from the economic system they uphold.

Our meeting on Thursday 12th March in The Link at 7.30pm will discuss the issues raised in the pamphlet (contact below if you would like one).



UK General Election 2015

The Scottish Socialist Party will contest four seats in the General Election in May. Our main electoral priority remains the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary election and we are contesting a limited number of seats to ensure there is a socialist presence in this election.

We are standing in two seats in Glasgow, one in Edinburgh and one in Paisley. Liam McLaughlin (pictured) who is our candidate in Glasgow East will be coming to our meeting on Thursday 26th March to discuss how we can help support his campaign. The meeting is again in The Link at 7.30pm.

For more information contact Kevin McVey on 07817 123917.