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Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party

Let The Workers Speak!




Local party members of the Scottish Socialist Party are looking to contribute to the election debate, despite not contesting in the local constituency, by holding a public meeting in CumbernauldThe party is standing in only small number of seats but are still seeking to highlight policies that they feel will appeal to Scotland’s “working class majority”.


Local branch chair Willie O’Neill commented, “We made a call for an Independence Alliance to contest the General Election to maintain the momentum of the Yes campaign into the next stage of the movement for an independent Scotland. However, this call was rebuffed by the other pro-independence parties so we agreed that we would stand only in a small number of seats and produce a manifesto that we would hope speaks to some of the concerns of working people who are too often ignored by the mainstream political parties.”


The party is highlighting two main themes in their manifesto, which are the pressures caused by low pay and the savage austerity that will impoverish even more people. Mr O’Neill added, “Scotland’s working class majority are too often marginalised in the policies offered by the mainstream parties. Ludicrously you have parties proposing small improvements in the minimum wage but some of the increases will not come in until 2020. We are calling for a £10 an hour living wage, implemented now, to tackle the scandal of the growth of poverty amongst those in work. For similar reasons we are demanding the end of zero hour contracts.  Similarly we are campaigning to end the austerity politics that can see politicians glibly say that they will cut another £12 billion from the Social Security budget without spelling out how that will further impoverish the already poor. It is about challenging a Westminster consensus that is happy to sanction savage attacks on working people whilst happy to see the already rich increase their wealth. We are trying to give people a chance to debate these kinds of issues and hope people come along to join the debate.”


The meeting takes place in The Link Community Centre in Cumbernauld on Thursday 23rd April at 7.30pm.

For more information: Kevin McVey 07817 123917.