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Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party


Left Turn?

A meeting in Cumbernauld next week will consider the potential for boosting a challenge from the left in next year’s Holyrood elections.

Called by the local branch of the Scottish Socialist Party, the guest speaker will be Jonathon Shafi, a prominent figure in the Radical Independence Campaign and in the newly formed Scottish Left Project.

Local SSP member Kevin McVey commented, “The tectonic plates in Scottish politics have shifted over the last number of years, but one factor that remains is the need for a challenge from the left. A socialist voice, that will not only build campaigns and resistance to austerity, but will offer an alternative vision of a society based on redistributing wealth and prioritising the needs of people not profit. The SSP is always looking at ways that we can develop and find ways to continue to evolve a left alternative to the inequalities of capitalism in the twenty first century. That is why our recent National Conference agreed to discuss with the Scottish Left Project and others about how we can maximise the unity of those with a left wing perspective and seek to have socialists back in the Scottish Parliament.”

The party are hoping that people will come along and be part of the process of discussing how progressive and radical politics can develop in the future.

Mr McVey added “There are many people who have been inspired by the independence campaign and events in countries like Greece who want more than what mainstream politics are offering. There is no reason that the wave of opposition that is sweeping across Europe against the inequality and injustice that blights people’s lives cannot have an impact in Scotland. We hope people will come along to the meeting and consider how that can be done.”

The meeting is in The Link on Thursday 25th June at 7.30pm and all are welcome.

For more information: Kevin McVey 07817 123917


June Cumbernauld SSP Newsletter




Unity against Austerity

36% of 2/3’s of the electorate have given the Tories all the mandate need to ramp up their policies of “austerity”.

Cameron’s public schoolboys will now feel that they can continue with the process of destroying the collective provision of public services that can offer some protection to working people’s lives whilst ramping up the obscene inequality that scars 21st Century Britain.

Only a collective response can defeat them. A social movement must now be built that will maximise unity against austerity and make the case for a society that prioritises people not profit. Saturday June 20th’s demonstration in Glasgow can be part of building that resistance and the SSP will be part of it. We will discuss where the campaign against austerity is at our branch meeting on Thursday 11th June at 7.30pm.


Coffee & Chat

Members of the local branch will be having our stall on Saturday morning outside the Tryst . After it you can also catch up with us in the coffee shop within the Tryst Sports Centre in Cumbernauld at 1pm on Saturday June 13th. Feel free to come along for a chat about the SSP in Cumbernauld. If you want to find out more about the party, it’s the perfect to time to meet some of our branch members.



Unity for Socialism

The SSP has a long tradition of building support for unity amongst socialists and anti-capitalists. It is in our DNA and we will work to achieve unity in action for an independent socialist Scotland.

As part of that our recent Conference agreed to open discussion with the recently established Scottish Left Project (SLP) in order to look at ways that we can work together to develop our programme for socialist change in Scotland.

As part of that process we have invited a representative of the SLP to our next meeting on Thursday June 25th, again at 7.30pm. We extend an open invitation to any left-minded local people to come along and hear more about what the SLP are all about.


For more information contact Kevin McVey on 07817 123917.