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Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party

Voices for Change

Local people are being asked to discuss ways of building a positive alternative to “austerity Britain” at two meetings this week.

The Scottish Left Project is holding meetings simultaneously in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth to give people the opportunity to enter into a dialogue about how a more democratic and equitable society can be built.

Jordan Daly, who helped set up the meeting in Cumbernauld, commented, “There is a new mood of political engagement in Scotland and a thirst for ideas that challenge the inequalities and injustices of austerity Britain. An alternative can be built and that can only be done through grass root campaigning and involvement where priorities are shaped through dialogue and debate. These meetings are aimed at providing that space for ideas to be discussed and through that shaping a positive alternative that will offer a vision of a more equal and just society.”

The meetings are leading into a formal launch event of the Scottish Left Project which will take place in Glasgow on Saturday 29th August.

Willie O’Neill who has helped arrange the meeting in Kilsyth added, “These meetings are one of many meetings taking place across Scotland that have given people the chance to shape the priorities and programme of the Scottish Left Project. Last year’s independence campaign and events taking place across Europe highlight that more and more people are rejecting the ideology of the free market and the economic ruin that it has brought. That questioning can collectively become the beginning of not only resistance, but also the possibility of real and meaningful change. If you want to be part of that, come along to these meeting and make your voice heard.”

The meetings are on Thursday 20th August in Greenfaulds CE Centre at 7pm and the Garrel Vale in Kilsyth at 7.30pm.

More details of the Scottish Left Project launch event can be found at

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For more details: Jordan Daly 07919 886625, Willie O’Neill 07759 138015.


August Cumbernauld SSP Newsletter



Hard Labour

To the complete bewilderment of the political class the Labour leadership campaign has managed to become interesting due to the emergence of Jeremy Corbyn as a possible leader of the Labour Party.

Flying in the face of the received wisdom of those that promote the idea of there being no alternative to the policies of neo-liberalism, it would appear that those opposed to austerity and inequality might attract some popular support. The ramifications of this will be the focus of our meeting on Thursday 13th August, in The Link Community Centre in Cumbernauld at 7.30pm.

The Scottish Left Project

The SSP recently confirmed its decision to become involved in the Scottish Left Project, an organisation that has been set up to continue the discussion on a how a left wing alternative can be built from those who have sought an alternative to the tired policies of the Westminster parties, particularly amongst those enthused by the pro-independence campaign.

A major event has been organised in Glasgow on August 29th and to build for that we have been involved in helping set up two meetings in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth. Both meetings take place on Thursday 20th August, with one being in the Greenfaulds Community Centre, Cumbernauld at 7pm and the other in the Garrel Vale, Kilsyth at 7.30pm.

Come along and have your say as the purpose of the meetings is to allow the agenda for this new project to be shaped by as wide a range of people as possible. The format will be as interactive and inclusive as possible to ensure that this is a project that is built from the grassroots up and not vice versa. Tickets for the launch on the 29th can also be obtained by contacting

We will continue the debate and review how the meetings have gone at our branch meeting on Thursday 27th August, again in The Link at 7.30pm.

For more information contact Kevin McVey on 07817 123917.