Press Release from Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party


RISE To The Challenge

A recently formed left wing alliance will hold its founding meeting in Cumbernauld next week.

RISE is committed to building support for an independent Scotland based on a sustainable, socialist economy that will end the inequality of the free market. It was officially launched at a successful event in Glasgow last month.

Local spokesperson and RISE activist Liam Stevenson commented, “The success of RISE will come from the strength of our local groups who can be involved directly in the issues that affect our community. Similarly, as an organisation committed to building from the grassroots, it is our local members who will decide our campaigning priorities at a local level and who will help shape the overall direction that RISE will take.  You can be an active participant in developing a new and vibrant movement for social change in Scotland and I hope people will come along, have their say and play their part. Another Scotland is possible but it can only come through people actively striving to build it.”

The meeting is in Greenfaulds Community Centre at 7pm on Wednesday 23rd September and anyone interested is welcome to come along.

The Facebook page for the launch can be found here

More details about RISE can be found here

For more information: Jordan Daly 07919 886625, Kevin McVey 07817 123917, Liam Stevenson 07834 686846


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