Press Release from Cumbernauld SSP / RISE


RISE Against Cuts

Local members of RISE are calling on people to actively oppose the cuts proposed by North Lanarkshire Council.

Spokesperson Andy Locke commented, “North Lanarkshire Council’s intention is to cut a further £45.6 million from its budget for jobs and services over the next two years. This is on top of cuts to essential services of over £115 million we have had to suffer in the last 5 years. These cuts must be opposed. We all rely on council services like having our bins emptied, roads and street lights looked after, our nurseries, schools and libraries, our care of children, the elderly, and the vulnerable in our community. Let’s be clear, these cuts will affect us all, and in particular it will affect the already most disadvantaged in our society.”

RISE is claiming that if these cuts go through 1,400 jobs will be lost in North Lanarkshire. Mr Locke added, “1,400 households losing their income will have a dramatic impact on an already struggling local economy. Inevitably we will see the blame game being played with the Labour controlled council blaming the SNP Scottish Government who in turn will blame the UK Government. Instead all concerned about these cuts should be saying that enough is enough. If we are serious about refusing to accept austerity, we must stand together; workers, unions and communities joining forces to oppose these savage attacks. I ask you to contact your councillor, MSP and MP to let your opposition be known, and RISE will aim to work with others to resist these savage cuts that will once again tear at the fabric of our communities and the services we rely on.”

More details about RISE can be found here

For more information contact Kevin McVey on 07817 123917


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