Press Release from Cumbernauld SSP / RISE


RISE Slams Tax Closure 

RISE activists have slammed the proposed closure of Cumbernauld Tax Office claiming that it will have a devastating impact on the town. RISE activist and ex-tax office worker, Kevin McVey commented, “A whole generation of people have passed through the Tax Office which has offered employment to thousands of people in this area. For it to close as part of the Tories plan to destroy our public services would be a devastating blow, and alongside North Lanarkshire Council’s threat to slash jobs, raises serious concerns about job prospects in Cumbernauld. At a time when big corporations and the rich dodge their tax to the tune of billions, money should be invested into the Inland Revenue not taken out of it. The proposed cull of local tax offices across Scotland highlights where the priorities of this government lie which are to look after their rich pals rather the interests of our key public services.”

Cumbernauld Tax Office has been scheduled to close in 2020 as part of a programme that will see only two tax collecting centres in Scotland. RISE is calling for resistance to be built to the closure as part of defending the fabric of the area.

Mr McVey added, “This closure cannot be allowed to happen. Everyone in the town now has to stand with the workers and their Trade Unions in the office in any action they take to defend their jobs. Resistance has to be built to an austerity programme that is undermining millions of lives and ripping up the prospects for communities like ours. Unity is needed for everyone whose job is currently under threat and for everyone who faces the loss of the public services we rely on. This government can be defeated but it will take a united and determined campaign to do it.”

More details about RISE can be found here

For more information contact Kevin McVey on 07817 123917


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