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February 2016 Cumbernauld SSP Newsletter

In or Out ?



At some point before the end of 2017 there will be a UK wide referendum on whether to stay as part of the European Union or not.
A big business run and undemocratic institution, the EU has again shown it’s colours recently in Greece where it led the charge against the SYRIZA government to bully them into maintaining their economic orthodoxy of austerity.
However, leading the charge for withdrawal are the most reactionary sections of the City of London and Tory right wing who see withdrawal as a way to close up our borders and strip away any vestige of regulations that will limit the unhindered free market.

The question then is how should socialists vote in the referendum? That issue will be debated at our meeting on Thursday 11th February, in The Link Community Centre at 7.30pm.

Born in the USA


In November American’s will select their latest President. It is an election that once again highlights how sharply divided American society has become. Massive inequalities in wealth, racism and economic decline has polarised American politics even more.

On the one hand is the vile reactionary Donald Trump and on the other hand, as if out of nowhere, is the self proclaimed “democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. His campaign, that has highlighted issues like a living wage and corporate control of American politics, has shaken the consensus that unites most Democrats and Republicans that there is no alternative to the free market.

The US presidential elections will discussed at our meeting on Thursday 25th February, again in The Link at 7.30pm.

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